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Pro Adaptive Sports provides adaptive sports equipment of many kinds. We sell off-road handcycles, cross-country handcycles, and racing handcycles. Soon in our offer you will be able to find special needs bicycles and blokarts. We are constantly working on getting new and interesting adaptive sports equipment to help you brake your limits.

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We introduced our company in March 2016. It is a small business with huge potential owned by a group of friends. Our priority is to help people with disabilities find their way to get out in nature and be physically active. We are working to provide high quality equipment, that will match all your athletic needs and expectations. We are very happy to announce that the year 2018 will be very interesting for our clients. Last fall we purchased our first XCR demo handcycle. We are also planning to buy Explorer handcycle this spring and to organize a few events to let people discover the capabilities of our adaptive sports equipment.

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Adaptive sports equipment

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We are very proud to present you with innovative sport equipment. All the solutions we provide are high tech and high quality modern devices. They can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We are working to provide new products and ideas to support your growing sport needs.

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